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RSE Charter of our school canteen company

-Combat food waste: We are committed to reducing food waste by adapting our quantities to demand, prioritizing short supply chains, and redistributing unsold items to charitable associations.
-Promote local and organic products: We prioritize local and organic products in our procurement to support local producers and offer healthy and quality food to students.
-Emphasize balanced nutrition: We offer balanced, varied, and nutritionally adapted menus to promote the health and development of children.
-Raise awareness of healthy eating: We organize activities to raise awareness of healthy eating to help children understand the importance of balanced nutrition and give them the keys to make responsible food choices.
-Respect specific dietary requirements: We respect children’s specific dietary requirements (allergies, intolerances, vegetarian or religious diets) to ensure that all children have access to food that meets their needs.
-Use eco-friendly packaging: We use eco-friendly packaging and limit the use of plastic to reduce our environmental impact.
-Respect food hygiene and safety standards: We follow food hygiene and safety standards to ensure the quality and safety of the meals we offer to children.
-Reduce our environmental impact: We limit our environmental impact by adopting responsible practices in waste management, water use, and energy consumption. As much as possible, we source locally (fresh salad produced within 15 km of the consumption location)
By adhering to these principles, we aim to set an example for others in the industry and to make a positive contribution to society.
Encourage transparency and participation: We encourage transparency by regularly communicating about our practices and by encouraging the participation of children, parents, and teachers to continuously improve our RSE practices.
We are committed to respecting this charter and to continuously working to improve our RSE practices within our school canteen company.

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