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Quality CUISINE for everyone

Our meals are prepared by us to suit everyone’s needs

Our objectives


You can expect a superior collective dining experience that meets your needs in terms of quality, choice (including vegetarian options), and pricing. Let’s rise to the challenge of delighting all of your guests together.


Our goal for 2023/2024 is to establish a collaboration with the IDDSI (International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative) in order to develop a personalized offer for hospitalized patients


Our program for 2023/2024 aims to offer a personalized solution to each company in terms of catering. We provide cafeteria management, specific event management (such as meetings and product launches), and collaborate with our partners to create welcoming spaces within your company.


The Best For You

Quality Product

Using quality products is our priority.
We believe that the quality of the ingredients we use is the most important factor in creating tasty and healthy dishes for our customers. That’s why we prioritize the use of fresh, high-quality products in all of our preparations. We source our ingredients from trusted local suppliers to ensure freshness and quality. By using quality ingredients, we create healthy and flavorful dishes that satisfy both the palate and the mind. We take pride in offering creative cuisine that highlights the natural flavors of our ingredients.

Flexitarian Option

Concerned with meeting the expectations and needs of a clientele increasingly focused on their health and the environment, while offering greater variety of choices, we have decided to offer a flexitarian option. This approach allows us to reduce the carbon footprint of our business and promote a more sustainable lifestyle.

Excellent value for money

Without compromising on quality, Quality at the best price

A sandwich offer

We attach great importance to the future health of generations, which is why most of our breads are made in-house using natural sourdough, without additives, and with minimal sugar (up to four times less than industrial breads).
For those following a flexitarian diet, we have a plant-based Buns option that is perfect for making delicious plant-based burgers


Our values

At Saveurkantin we pay very close attention to our values which represent us


At Saveur Kantin, professionalism is a very important value that allows us to cook quality products.


We work with respect for our customers and we are always listening to them to improve ourselves.


We value a passion for food and cooking, as well as a commitment to providing memorable dining experiences for our customers


We work while respecting HACCP and MeSTI standards to obtain its two accreditations

Our Clients

Our Trusted Brands

We are using halal products

Favoring natural products is our concern